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            China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) 2019 Admission of International Students for Undergraduate Degrees

            China University of Geosciences(CUG) is a key national university affiliated to the Ministry of Education. It is one of the first group universities listed in the national “211 Project” and the national “Double World-Class Project”. Located along the shore of East Lake and seated at the foot of Mount Nan Wang, CUG features in a world-class specialization in geosciences, incorporating a wide range of research fields into diverse categories such as Science, Engineering, Literature, Management, Economics, Law, Education and Art etc. Since its establishment, CUG carried the motto of "be diligent and frugal, seek truth and be practical", training nearly 300,000 talents for the state. At present, its registered full-time students total 26103, including 18140 undergraduates, 6312 master students, 1651 doctoral students and 1137 international students. (Data summarized on October, 2018 )

            I. Program Introduction

            All non-Chinese citizens with valid passports between 18-25 years old who have high school diplomas or equivalent degrees, are of good character and conduct, and are physically and mentally healthy can apply for undergraduate degrees in China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).

            i. Applicants under age 18 must submit relevant supporting documents upon freshman registration by September 2019.

            ii. Students who are originally Chinese citizens should have foreign passports valid for at least 4 years and must register as international students after identifying their nationality in the Exit-entry Administrative Department.

            II. Educational system

            International undergraduates will undertake a 4-year full-time academic program with courses taught in Chinese (some courses are taught bilingually or in English). Undergraduates will only be awarded graduation certificates and bachelor's degrees upon completing the amount of credits stipulated in their teaching plans within four years as well as completing and passing the defense of their graduation dissertation.

            III. Tuition and Scholarships

            i. Chinese Government Scholarship

            China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) is designated by the Ministry of Education to grant qualified candidate students Chinese Government Scholarships.

            1. Silk Road Scholarship Program: This scholarship program is available for students from the countries along the “Belt and Road”, as defined by the state. Applicants will be selected according to the quota per discipline issued by the state. The program offers full scholarships including the tuition, a living allowance of 2500 RMB/month, on-campus accommodation and comprehensive medical insurance.

            2. Chinese-Jordanian University Scholarship Program: This program is only available to Jordanian students. Applicants’ scholarship qualifications must be approved by CUG, the Chinese embassy in Jordan and the China Scholarship Council. The program provides full scholarships (including tuition, a living allowance of 2500 RMB/month, on-campus accommodation and comprehensive medical insurance). Applicants must also meet the requirements listed in this brochure.

            3. Bilateral Scholarship Programs: To help talented international students obtain scholarships from the Chinese embassies or the Department of Education in their countries. The CUG Admission and Program Development Office may provide pre-admission notice based on the application progress of candidates. Please contact the Admission and Program Development Office in advance. Applicants should consult with their local Chinese embassies or departments in charge of sending students to study abroad for information about application procedures and application deadlines for the Bilateral Scholarship Program.

            ii. CUG President Scholarship: Please apply directly for this program through the CUG Admission and Program Development Office. Applicants can register and apply via the CUG international student application system (http://admission.cug.edu.cn/member/login.do.). The Program for outstanding international freshman undergraduates provides a first-year scholarship, including tuition-waiver, partial scholarship, and accommodation-waiver.

            iii. Tuition Standards

            Undergraduate students:  Science or Engineering students: 22,000RMB/year

                         Liberal Arts students: 18,000RMB/year

            All charges are subject to the latest updates from the Administration for Commodity Prices. CUG will release information about any changes of tuition forthwith.

            IV. Application Requirements

            i. The following conditions must be met to apply for a bachelor’s degree under the Chinese government scholarship program:

            1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with valid foreign passports

            2. Applicants must abide by the laws and regulations in China, having good character and respecting Chinese social customs and habits.

            3. Applicants must meet one of the following academic conditions:

            An official transcript of the applicant’s highest educational degree (original copy and Chinese or English notarized copy)

            Transcripts of the national/district unified high school graduation examination

            Scores of an internationally recognized standardized test (Such as the SAT/ACT/A-Level/ AP/IB, etc.)

            4. Applicant is physically and mentally healthy without serious diseases, infectious diseases or serious physical defects. Applicant must pass the required national admission physical examination.

            5. Candidates who apply for programs taught in Chinese shall provide a copy of their HSK certificate (within the 2-year validity period) or other equivalent Chinese language proficiency certificates. The applicant’s HSK4 score must be above 190, except for those whose mother tongue is Chinese or who attended high school courses taught in Chinese. Students whose HSK scores are below 190 must attend a one-year Chinese language learning course at a designated university prior to enrollment. Non-native English-speaking applicants who apply for programs taught in English are required to provide TOEFL or IELTS scores.

            ii. Application requirements for a self-funded undergraduate are as follows:

            1. Applicants must meet requirements 1 to 4 of i.

            2. Language requirements for self-funded undergraduates can be properly relaxed, but students applying for academic majors taught in Chinese must pass HSK 4. Those who fail the HSK 4 test must study a one-year Chinese preparatory course until being able to pass the HSK 4.

            V. On-line Application and Material Delivery

            i. Online Application

            1. Applicants for the Chinese Government Scholarship need to register and fill out the forms on the CSC website (http://www.campuschina.org) within the prescribed time (from January 1, to April 1, 2019). After Online application, please send a printed copy of the online application documents to the Admission and Program Development Office of the International Education College in CUG before 5 PM on April 10, 2019. Once the printed documents are submitted, the online registration information cannot be modified or re-filled. One applicant shall retain one valid registration only. No further information can be submitted after the deadline.

            2. Applicants for the Chinese-Jordanian University Scholarship Program must register and fill out the forms on the CSC website (http://www.campuschina.org) within the prescribed time (January 1 - May 1, 2019). Applicants should choose "China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)" on the Chinese government scholarship application form, the agency code for the Chinese embassy in Jordan is (4002). After registering online, please send a printed copy of the online application documents to the Admission and Program Development Office of the International Education College in CUG before 5 PM on May 10, 2019. Once the printed documents are submitted, the online registration information cannot be modified or re-filled. One applicant shall retain one valid registration only. No further information can be submitted after the deadline.

            3. Applications for university scholarships and self-funded studies should register on CUG’s registration website (http://admission.cug.edu.cn/member/login.do) within the prescribed period of time (from January 1, 2019 to June 1). Please mail one set of hard-copy application documents to the Admission and Program Development Office of the International Education College in CUG before 5 p.m. June 5, 2019 after finishing the online application.

            ii. Checklist for Application

            1. Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (only for government-funded students), Enrollment Application Form for International Students of CUG (only for university scholarship or self-funded students). Please fill out the form in English or Chinese.

            2. Copy of applicant’s highest level degree certificates or pre-graduation certificates. (The original copy and a notarized English or Chinese copy):

            Fresh high school graduates who do not have graduation certificates must provide pre-graduation certificates issued by their own school;

            High school graduates must provide their high school diplomas;

            Registered university students must provide both a high school diploma and a studying certificate from their university.

            3. Official academic transcripts of the applicant’s highest diploma (If the original text is not in Chinese, a notarized translation should be provided).

            4. Personal resume (in Chinese or English)

            5. Two recommendation letters in Chinese or English from different teachers. At least one must be sent from the high school where the applicant obtained his or her diploma.

            6. Copies of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form valid in half year (the original copy should be kept by the applicant).

            7. A copy of personal information page of the applicant’s valid passport. Please provide the copy of the visa page and the entry page if the applicant is in China.

            8. HSK certificates or TOFEL/ IELTS certificates. (Applicants with good language proficiency are preferred)

            9. Copies of the passport and work or income certificate of the guarantor listed in The International Student Economic Guarantee (only for school scholarship or self-funded applicants).

            10. Other materials (certificates of awards etc.)

            iii. Qualification Examination

            During the application period, the International Education College andthe candidates’ supervisor groups will check the academic information and reports of Chinese Government Scholarship applicants. The applicant's professional knowledge, language proficiency, academic ability, scientific research and supervisors’ opinions will all be important indicators in our assessment. We warmly welcome student applicants who are recommended by experts or are from inter-school university exchange programs.

            Applicants whose application materials are incomplete will be reminded by the Admission and Program Development Office of the International Education College via e-mail. Applicants should pay close attention to their e-mail boxes to avoid any delay in communication during the application period. Any conduct of falsification, fraud, providing incomplete materials (including non-notarized documents), or delayed materials will result in immediate disqualification of eligibility for applying the Chinese Government Scholarship of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).

            VI. Admission and Notification

            i.CUG adheres to the principle of enrolling the best candidates. Due to the limited enrollment quota, applicants who meet admission requirements but fail to obtain the Chinese Government Scholarship can be preferentially admitted if the applicants agree to be admitted as self-funded undergraduate students.

            ii. Applicants with high school pre-graduation certificates or studying certificates must submit high school diplomas to the Admission and Program Development Office of CUG on or before the registration day, otherwise the admission qualification will be cancelled.

            iii. International students who have received a recommendation from an overseas partner university or domestic strategic cooperation unit can be preferentially awarded the scholarship with priority over other applicants.

            iv. Results of applicants for Chinese-Jordanian University Scholarships: CUG will confirm the list of applicants before the end of July; the Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form for Foreign Students in China (JW201 form) will be sent to the applicants before the end of July. Please make sure that the correct mailing address is reserved to receive the Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form for Foreign Students in China (JW201 form).

            v. Admission results for school scholarships and self-funded students: the admission list will be published before July 15th. The Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form for Foreign Students in China (JW201 form) will be sent to the applicants before the end of July. Please make sure that the correct mailing address is reserved to receive the Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form for Foreign Students in China (JW201 form).

            vi. International students’ undergraduate enrollment information, the list of candidates for admission and other admission information are all announced on the International Education College website (http://iec.cug.edu.cn). The CUG IEC official Wechat will also release the results; please keep following the updates of the IEC website and the IEC official Wechat account as well.

            VII. Consultation and Service

            The Admission and Program Development Office of International Education College in CUG will reply to all questions in a timely manner.

            Admission and Program Development Office of International Education College

            Tel: 027-67883283      E-mail: overseas@cug.edu.cn

            Uni: China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

            Uni code10491

            Address388 Lumo Road, Wuhan, Hubei, P. R. China

            Post Code430074

            CollegeAdmission and Program Development Office of International Education College

            ContactMr. Hu





            List of Schools and Majors for CUG International Students (2019)



            School of Earth Sciences



            School of Earth Resources

            Exploration Engineering of Mineral Resources;

            Petroleum Engineering;

            School of Materials Science and Chemistry

            Material Chemistry;

            Applied Chemistry;

            Material Science and Engineering;

            School of Environmental Studies

            Hydrology and Water Resource Engineering;

            Groundwater Science and Engineering;

            Environmental Engineering;

            School of Engineering

            Safety Engineering;

            Geological Engineering;

            Prospecting Technology and Engineering (Exploration Engineering) ;

            Civil Engineering

            School of Geophysics

            and Geomatics

            Prospecting Technology and Engineering (Exploration geophysics);

            Geological Information Science and Technology;


            School of Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Information

            Electronic Information Engineering;

            Machine Design and Manufacturing and Automation;

            Industrial Design;

            Telecommunication Engineering Chinese/English-taught

            School of Automation


            Measurement Technology and Instrument

            School of Economics and Management

            Business Management (Bilingual);

            Marketing Management;


            Tourist Management;

            Information Management and System;

            Project Management;


            International Economy and Trading;


            School of Geography and Information Engineering

            Software Engineering;

            Geological Information Engineering;

            Remote Sensing Science and Technology;

            Geological Information Science;

            Surveying Engineering

            School of Mathematics and Physics

            Mathematics and Applied Mathematics ;

            Information and Science of Computation;


            Gemological Institute

            Gemology and Material Crafts;

            Product Design ( Jewelry)

            School of Arts and Communication

            Television Broadcasting Science;

            Environmental Design;

            Visual Communication Design;

            Digital Media Art;


            School of Public Administration

            Public Administration;

            Administration Management;

            Natural Geography Resources and Environment;

            Land Resources Management;


            School of Computer Science

            Computer Science and Technology;

            Spatial Information and Digital Technology;

            Information Security;

            Network Engineering

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